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Lack of access to clean water & proper sanitation is one of the most common health challenges across Africa. Over 300 million Africans lack access to clean and safe water for drinking.   In Rwanda, 43% of the population DOES NOT have access to safe drinking water within 30 minutes of their homes.   This distance means that many collect water from sources that are contaminated, risking severe illness – and even death from water-borne diseases. 

We want to make sure our children have access to clean water all the time – not just at our school.  We want their entire families to have access to clean water and I’m asking you to help us make this possible.  We can now provide families withwater filtration that will remove 99.99999% of bacteria. These "Vivoblu" filters are easy to use, no backwash needed, the families just rinse the filters.   $60 can provide clean water for an entire family.  

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